The wide world is a small place to live now, since the internet has become the order of the day, cutting across all spheres of life. One would perhaps want everything at the snap of a finger since most transactions, consultations and the likes are now possible online, including those that concern medical science; more so, are accessible via any computer electronic devices like phones and PCs.

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As you know that a pharmacy deals in rendering sales and consultations that concern drugs/ medicines and other medical wares and/or pharmaceutical materials, toward healing, health, and wholeness of patients, according to the dictates of the law. Online Pharmacies are in no doubt, the Pharmacies whose products and services are displayed/offered majorly via internet meaning, customers receive products ordered online, as well as consultations with the registered Pharmacist(s). But, may I introduce to you the pros and cons briefly?


In most cases, these are the advantages made possible by the internet on the economy.

  • Fast communication with specialists/sales rep;
  • Fast responses from specialists/sales rep;
  • Quick delivery of good/service required;
  • More detailed information about good/service required;
  • Time-saving (if there are no connectivity constraints);
  • Energy saving (no stress, just you and your device);
  • Money saving (no transport fare just subscription fee you already did);
  • Less disappointment (since clear-cut information will be given you online, whether the good/service is available or not);
  • Fast transactions made.


In most cases, these are the short-comings from communication, connectivity and other internet-based problems.

  • No prescription demanded/offered (since many are after their sales and who has time for prescription sheet uploads?);
  • Money/data-consuming (resulting from browsing heavy content websites and delayed responses);
  • Time and energy wasting (communication constraints can lead to these);
  • Human error and delay/disappointment (this seldom happens if the good/service required is not the one delivered);
  • Transaction errors and/or unwanted debits (resulting from connectivity problems);
  • Communication and Internet usage constraints (possible in remote and rural areas).

These may result in risks like jail-terms, health complications, deaths and another jeopardy. In conclusion, weigh both sides of the story and make a sound judgment, as a consumer, based on what your needs are. But, be sure to consult Pharmacies where you can show/ get prescriptions and first-hand services; many online ones are less reliable.

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